We are a team of two from the most beautiful town and we here change the game of ugly branding, bad website and other old fashion creativity.


Here is what we do

  • We design

    because good design goes to heaven, bad design goes everywhere.

  • We advise

    so that you are not afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

  • We Direct

    as we are ultimate creative arbiter of what's going to happen, and as a director ourselves, we really appreciate collaborating with people who are trying to help us find what we need and what what we want. Vision if the art of seeing the invisible.


How We do it


We will try to understand what you really want and make sure we are the same side trying to make create something great.


This the a steps where we Eat, Design, Sleep, Repeat.


Things gotta work before even reach the market


When dream become reality.


We made websites, interactive media, motion graphics, branding and had been directing in some few projects. View all

People say that the world will always get along with Times New Roman,
we are here to prove them wrong.

And we did it shut up and take my money

  • We are Cool
  • Can't Stop Creative
  • We are Nice
  • We are Awesome
  • We are Focus

About Us

Fact about us

The stories goes when two passionate designer started their job in a design angency. They later found that there are a lot of restriction given by their so call "experience" creative directors. One day, they meet each other and decided to start their own creative business.


Hobby? Photography!

I shoot in analog and the creative process makes me slow down and always be anticipate. - Lai

Do you wanna see some magic?

Playing magic makes me imagine, it makes me think dramatically and brings up the fantasy of me - Dave

Illustrating is my passion

"I draw for fun, I draw for living " - Lai

Never stop travel

If there are one secret to keep us passionate and being creative, that is to get away from the screen.

  • They are wild and fun. Feels good to work with

    — Jazz Tan, CEO Youths Today sdn.bhd

  • So young yet so talented

    — Andrew, Manager of Made in Penang interactive museum

  • Art is about being adventurous and they did it.

    — Philip Wong, Malaysia Famous Artist


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